New Artist Additions Include Darkside, Laurel Halo, and I Speak Machine!

Those artist additions just keep coming! If you’ve been paying attention to ourFacebook and Twitter, you’ll know we’ve continued to add even more stellar acts to our lineup!

Darkside began when a converter plug exploded in Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington’s Berlin hotel room during their summer tour. When the smoke cleared,  their white Genelec speakers were fried. But rather than retire for the night,  they plugged into a computer and merged sounds, forming Darkside. The sound is certainly unforgettable, and the live show is not to be missed – catch themSunday, October 27.

Laurel Halo is known for abducting dance music and taking it somewhere altogether new. When she takes the stage, she does so with a more pumping show. Here you recognise the Brooklyn producer’s techno and dance foundation more strongly. At the same time, her set is sure to reveal her flair for experimentation and claustrophobia. She’ll be taking the Mountain Oasis stage on Sunday, October 27.

I Speak Machine (Tara Busch) is known for her vocally driven orchestral electronica, her “heavy yet ethereal” remixes and her affinity for analogue and virtual synths. The thoughtfully industrial sound of her work is matched by the moments of quiet reflection, and her stage presence is as magnetic as it is energetic. Join us for her Mountain Oasis set on Saturday, October 26!

Artist additions will continue to come your way in the next few weeks, so if you haven’t already liked or followed us, what’re you waiting for?