New Artist Additions Include PANTyRAiD and Jherek Bischoff

The combination of Martin Folb (aka MartyParty) and Josh Mayer (aka Ooah), two music producers who met on the West Coast, has started a movement back towards the power of the melody and instrumental composition. Together they have invented PANTyRAiD and a formula for producing intense club songs that pull together gorgeous and modern electronic sounds with hard hitting beats, brining the best of hip-hop, dubstep and other forms of experimental electronic music. Each song has its own character, its own intention, and often crosses over many genres of electronic and traditional music. The music is a new flavor of urban beat, a fresh new sexy sound that draws those that love to dance. They’ll be joining us at Mountain Oasis on Sunday, October 27.

Seattle-based Jherek Bischoff is equal parts songwriter, producer, performer and composer. He has also been called a “pop polymath” (The New York Times), a “Seattle phenom” (The New Yorker), and “the missing link between the sombre undertones of Ennio Morricone and the unpredictability of John Cale” (NME), but this music speaks for itself. Jherek collaborates instinctively and trusts himself to be his own best teacher. Indeed, all this music-making has largely been self-taught. That last bit can be the most surprising, especially in the context of his new album Composed–a meticulously arranged, multi-tracked album of nine orchestral pieces featuring a different guest vocalist on almost every track, including luminary David Byrne. The result bares traces of his past playing in DIY bands,  his desire to make great pop music, and a love affair with the potential of the orchestra, all informed by his deep familiarity of a catalog of compositional ideas & technique. You’ll be able to catch Jherek in all his glory at Mountain Oasis on Friday, October 25. See you there.