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The Bob Moog Foundation is proud to present Take Me to Your Modular, an intimate exhibit of three vintage modular synthesizers from the early days of contemporary synthesis. Take Me to Your Modular will be presented for the very first time at the 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit from October 25th-27th in the Diana Wortham Theatre lobby, where the Foundation will also house Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience, a setup of theremins and synthesizers for public exploration.

Highlighted in the exhibit will be a custom built Moog modular, featuring many modules from the early 1967 R.A. Moog company, an Aries 300, and an ARP 2600. The instruments are part of a new permanent loan from UNC-Greensboro to the Bob Moog Foundation. With each system comes a fascinating story not only about the technology, but also about the technicians and end users.  The exhibit was created to inform and inspire people about some the early iterations of modular synthesis, a technology upon which much of the music at the festival is rooted.

In conjunction with the exhibit, the Foundation is offering custom t-shirts featuring an image from the artist affectionately dubbed Samoogarai, a samurai robot figure made completely of synthesizer elements including modules, keys, knobs, and cables. The image was originally designed by Brooklyn based John Solomine of Spike Press.

Come visit the Take Me To Your Modular exhibit from 12-6pm at the Diana Wortham Theater lobby throughout the Mountain Oasis weekend.