HERE IS HOW: The unique code in each RFID wristband is linked to the person who actually placed the order and purchased those wristbands. For example, if John Smith purchased 4 tickets to Mountain Oasis, all 4 of those tickets are linked to John Smith, regardless of who is actually using those wristbands for the festival. This is fine. However, we are now happy to offer each festival-goer the opportunity to individually register his or her wristband online. When you register your wristband, the information you provide will be automatically transferred to your specific wristband. In addition, when you register your wristband and your contact information, Mountain Oasis will be able to contact you directly with the most up-to-date festival information that will help you make the most of your Mountain Oasis experience.

This program is completely optional.  Regardless of whether you register or not, your ticket will be a fully valid Mountain Oasis ticket.  We are simply offering this option for your additional peace of mind and to enhance your overall festival experience (Click “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of any page to view the current Mountain Oasis Privacy Policy).

  • Once you register your wristband your wristband will be automatically loaded with a one time redeemable 10% discount off your entire purchase at the on-site Mountain Oasis festival merch booths.
  • Also, you will be entered to win Mountain Oasis poster giveaways, 2013 VIP Upgrades for you and friend, and a pair of 2014 Mountain Oasis VIP tickets.

For any questions or problems regarding this page or the registration process, please email us at info@mountainoasisfestival.com

***Please note, you must register wristband using a desktop, laptop or through the official Mountain Oasis app.***


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